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Welcome to our new pages for all things recruitment, talent and opportunities.  Below you will find links to various pages which we hope you will find helpful and useful.  These include links for managers to be able to request to fill a vacancy, as well as links for employees who want to see our latest vacancies and opportunities. You will also find links to information pages about our new scheme known as (retaining employees. changing roles. using internal talent).  

At the bottom of this page, you will find relevant policies and guidance documents too. 

There have been recent legislative changes relating to criminal convictions which people need to disclose to potential employers. To view a briefing note on this, please click here

Please note that you should still not ask any candidates about criminal convictions during the recruitment and selection process.  The HR Service Centre will take care of this and will advise you of anything you need to know. 

Key Documents and Guidance

The main document that a recruiting manager needs to familiarise themselves with is the relevant recruitment and selection guidance document.  However, several more documents are included below for all employees and managers:

Recruiting Teaching Staff documents


The Relocation policy applies to eligible new employees who have to relocate to the Aberdeen area to take up their appointment.  It is designed to help ensure that the Council has an adequate supply of employees at all levels of the organisation.  The policy only applies to specific posts as pre-determined by the appropriate Directorate in conjunction with the HR Service.  Please note that the maximum amount which may be claimed under the policy is £8,000, excluding VAT.

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