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Working Preferences / Competencies

When making a request to recruit, you will need to select a maximum of 6 working preferences / competencies outlined below.  They will be used to determined which internal candidates will be aligned to your role based on their ‘fit’.   These can be seen as the ‘inherent’ part of a way someone usually behaves in the workplace and can give you a sense of how they would approach tasks.  The theory suggests that these are less ‘learned’ things and should be considered for long-term success of someone in a role.  Where technical skills, knowledge and experience can be learned, and qualifications can be sought and paid for, these are the types of things that are less easy to change and develop. 

You should consider what is required to achieve job success as well as what is right for your team needs.  Think about: 


  • The outcomes required for the job:  What type of person do you need to be able to deliver on those outcomes.  At this point, do not think about technical knowledge or qualifications but more about the attitude someone would need to have. 
  • Critical incident examples:  Think about a scenario or two that a postholder may have to deal with.  What competencies would equip someone to best deal with those scenarios and achieve the desired outcome from them. 
  • Team requirements:  Think about your team at the moment.  What person do you need to complement the team and achieve team / service outcomes.  We don’t always want a team that is made up of the same type of people – we also want to achieve diversity of thought and high performance overall 

What you select may be questioned further during your discussion with a member of the Talent Team and they can ensure that you’re picking the right things.   

The number of working preferences / competencies you pick, will also depend on the number of skills you pick from this list. 

2 skills = 2 working preferences / competencies

4 skills = 4 working preferences / competencies 

6 skills = 6 working preferences / competencies 

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