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New to CoreHR – Accessing your Digital Payslip – CoreHR

This page will provide you with information and links to guides, videos and answers to help you become familiar with the CoreHR portal and aid you in accessing your Digital payslip

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Annual leave has been uploaded and is now available to book on CoreHR and as such should no longer be recorded/booked via YourHR.

If you do not have a visible balance then you should contact

Points to note:

  • Annual leave is shown in CoreHR as hours and minutes as opposed to hours and decimals
  • The current leave year for BAC staff 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 is shown as 2020 in CoreHR
  • Annual leave will now be accrued in calendar days as opposed to completed months
  • Any agreed carry forward as a result of long term sick leave/maternity leave will be manually input at the HR Service Centre

    Full Guidance on how to book leave on CoreHR is available at  COREHR GUIDES and you will also find additional information and FAQ’s by clicking HERE 

    Annual leave is now available to book on CoreHR and any annual leave carried over from 2019 has been transferred to your balance.  This will show as “remaining” leave for 2019 and will carry forward automatically to 2020. 

    Your annual leave balance for 2020 will not be visible until 3rd January 2020, when the new annual leave year starts, however this does not prevent you booking leave for next year.  

    Purchased annual leave has not yet been included in your 2020 entitlement but should be available by the end of January 2020. 

    Full guidance on how to book leave on CoreHR are available at  CoreHR guides  and you’ll also find additional information and FAQ’s by clicking here

    Please note – If you still have leave to take in 2019 – please do not book this through CoreHR – 2019 annual leave should only be booked via YourHR

    Continuous Review and Development (CR&D) is here which replaces the former appraisal system/process PR&D which was previously completed via YourHR

    All the information you need can be found on the CR&D pages via the links below:

    Trigger Notifications and a manager’s request form now available.  Annual Leave booking coming soon!

    Trigger notifications and a leaver request form for managers have now been activated on CoreHR.  Annual leave booking for 2020 will be available from early December and look out for more manager and employee request forms becoming available.

    Trigger Notifications

    From 14 November, managers will start to receive trigger notifications when an employee in their work group hits one of the following sickness absence triggers:

    • Abatement trigger – where an employee has had over 90 days of sickness within a rolling year, their annual leave should be abated.
    • Supporting Attendance trigger – where an employee has had a minimum of 10 days and/or 3 instances of sick leave, they should be managed under the Supporting Attendance policy.
    • Return to work – where an employee’s absence is closed but the return to work has not been completed, the manager will receive a reminder to complete the return to work interview.

     Manager request form

    Also from 14 November, a manager request form to notify AskHR of an employee leaving will also be available.  This form can be used for any employee within your team who has left or is planning to leave and allows a smooth end to their employment.  Please note that employees can still use YourHR to submit their resignation too.  Keep an eye out for more managers forms becoming available such as

    • Badge replacement request
    • Changes to work pattern
    • Death in Service

     Annual Leave

    Annual leave bookings for 2020 will be done via CoreHR.   There are a few things you will need to be aware of.

    • Annual leave booking in CoreHR requires an employee’s work pattern/shifts type to be correctly input – you may be contacted to provide this information where it isn’t available/correct in other sources.
    • Annual Leave booking will be launched at the beginning of December. You will not be able to book annual leave for 2020 before this time. 
    • All annual leave for 2019 should continue to be booked through YourHR.
    • Further guidance on annual leave booking will be made available when it is launched

    Title: CoreHR Upgrade from v25 to v27

    The CoreHR system will be upgraded from version 25 to 27 overnight from 7pm on Thursday 31st October until sometime on the afternoon of the Friday 1st November, to allow tests to be carried out to ensure that the system is operating as expected.

    Please note that you will not be able to access the system during the above period.

     Once the upgrade is completed, the login screen will appear as below:

    As before, use your network login and password to access the CoreHR Portal.

    Once you have logged into the employee dashboard will appear as below:

    On the left side of the screen the functionality you have access to will appear. Initially the following services will be available:

    • Profile [Personal details]
    • Pay [Access to pay slip information]
    • Leave [ Booking special leave]

    Over the next several weeks additional functionality will be released into the upgraded employee portal.

    Any queries regarding the upgraded system should be raised via (01224) 523939

    As part of our Digital Journey within the Transformation Programme, we would like to introduce the next phase of the rollout CoreHR. 

    What to Expect? 

    As part of the initial rollout of CoreHR, your electronic payslips can already be found in CoreHR.  The introduction of your new payslips was the first step on our journey with CoreHR, which will expand into other areas of work bringing increased functionality and control over your own information. 

    The following elements will now be available on CoreHR/will be available on CoreHR from 26th August 2019: 

    • Accessing Manager Dashboard – Manager’s will have access to view their team members information. 
    • Logging an Absence – Manager’s will be able to record an absence for their team members.  
    • Updating an Absence – Manager’s will be able to update an absence for their team members.   
    • Closing an Absence – Manager’s will be able to close off an absence for their team members.  
    • Delegating Access – Manager’s will be able to delegate access to other managers.  This means that managers with delegated access will be able to complete actions on their behalf (e.g. closing an absence for members of other teams).
    • Requesting Special Leave – Employees will now be able to apply for special leave (both paid and unpaid).  
    • Approving Special Leave – Managers will now be able to approve or reject special leave (both paid and unpaid) 

      Some information to be aware of with these new features in CoreHR: 

      • Accessing Manager Dashboard – All team information has been migrated over from YourHR.  However, if you discover an error, please inform your Service Area Manager so they can contact AskHR.  For example, this might be the name of your team. 
      • Delegating Access Tool – Manager’s will only be able to delegate access to other people managers.  People managers will be able to delegate access to other people managers to complete actions on their behalf.    An Administrator Function is under development and will be implemented in due course.  Please keep checking back for developments on the Delegation Tool 
      • Supporting Attendance – All absence information from the last 2 years have migrated over to CoreHR.  Managers will not be required to re-enter absences that have already been opened in YourHR, only new absences should be entered into CoreHR from 26th August 2019.  Absences should continue to be managed under the supporting attendance procedure as how it is already being managed through 
      • Special Leave Requests – Only Paid and Unpaid Special Leave can be requested and approved through CoreHR at the moment.  Please request all other leave through YourHR.  These leave requests will be migrated over to CoreHR at a later date.  Special Leave should be processed using the Special Leave Procedure
      • Approving Special Leave Managers can approve or reject Special Leave for their team members.  Managers will also be able to log, amend and close Special Leave on the behalf of employees.  Special Leave should be processed using the Special Leave Procedure  

      What’s Next? 

      • From using the CoreHR Link/Button above please do the following: 
           •   Log into CoreHR
           •   Explore the ‘Onboarding’ and for manager’s to view their new Manager Dashboard 
      • Check that all your information is correct and up to date.   
      • All change requests,including not receiving email notifications,will need to be sent to a senior manager.  Please include information on the error as it is and include what it should be. 
      View the CoreHR user guides by clicking on the ‘Guides’ button at the top of this page.
      You can also find out more on our Q&A page 

      CoreHR builds upon what you can currently do within YourHR, PSe and, in the future, Open Options.  It will give everyone more control over their own information.

      What to Expect

      The first change you will notice is that your electronic payslips for May 2019 and beyond will be stored on CoreHR.  This rollout of additional functions will be gradual so that it provides the best customer experience for all employees, whilst we transition from YourHR to CoreHR.  With this in mind, please note the following:
         •   If you currently have an account on YourHR, then you will have access to CoreHR
         •   At this Stage, it is only payslips from May 2019 and change to personal details that will be accessible on CoreHR.  So please continue to use YourHR for all other features for the time-being
         •   If you currently use other systems and paper-based methods of various process, this will continue for the time-being as we bring CoreHR into our organisation

      How to Access CoreHR

      CoreHR uses the same Username and Password that you enter to log into the Network.  Therefore, please use these same details to access CoreHR.

      To log in to CoreHR please use the button at the top of this CoreHR web page or use this link:

      CoreHR Link:

      Your new electronic Payslip

      Your new payslip will look like the one below:

      There are a few changes to note:

         •   Income tax is now referred to as PAYE
         •   The tax reference number is no longer shown on the payslip
         •   Your payslip now details your pay grade and scale point rather than your hourly rate.  Hourly Rate Information for non-teachers can be found by clicking Here.  For teachers pay rates click Here
         •   Your payroll number is now referred to as your Personnel No.

      Key Messages

      Please be mindful of the following:
         •   If you currently have access to YourHR, your previous payslips will remain in the ‘Your Pay Tab’.  If you wish to keep these, please log into YourHR and save your payslips.
         •   Please note that Payroll will not be able to action Interim Payments after the Payroll Deadline and any changes will not be actioned until the next available Pay Month.
         •   Please ensure you have completed and submitted any documentation regarding any of the following list in good time to your line manager to allow them to meet payroll deadlines.  These changes include the following:

            o  Contractual changes which affect pay (e.g. changes to working hours)   
            o  Notification of new starts or leavers  
            o  Timesheets (e.g. for overtime or expenses) 
            o  Notification employee has returned to work after sickness absence, which affects sick pay

         •   Your line manager may display incorrectly on CoreHR – we are aware of this problem and will rectify these issues in due course.

      What next?

      From using the CoreHR Link/Button above please do the following:
         •   Log into CoreHR
         •   Explore the ‘My Profile’ screen in your new Employee Dashboard
         •   Please check that all your information is correct and update if you would like to make any changes or updates to your details


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