Covid-19 Update

We have taken the decision to make changes to the way we progress some of our employee relations processes until further notice. These processes include:  

  • supporting attendance  
  • performance management 
  • discipline 
  • grievance 
  • bullying and harassment 

There are a number of factors that have necessitated this approach and these are explained in the Employee Relations Protocol.  We would ask you to read it carefully so that you understand your responsibility as managers in dealing with all current and future issues that may arise over the coming weeks.   

If you are a manager of employees actively involved in any of these management processes, or you have been appointed as an Investigating Officer, we would ask that you contact those individuals involved as soon as possible to advise of any changes and the time-frame involved (this is detailed in the protocol and will depend on the policy being followed and the stage it is currently at).   

To clarify, all cases will remain active, but we have amended some of our processes in order to comply with government advice around social distancing and to ensure the safety of all our employees during this difficult time.  

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  Welcome to the  Employee Relation’s section of PeopleAnytime where you will find policies, procedures and guidance ranging from Mediation to the Working Time Directive. Please use the alphabetical listing below to help you navigate through the Employee Relations pages.  It is also possible to access these pages using the main menu at the top of this page.  
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