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Skills, Experience and Knowledge List for re.cr.uit

Below you will find our current skills in alphabetical order.  You will also see the date they were added if different.  In addition, below this, you will also find an additional table with some specific items including qualifications, licences and registrations.  

Employees – Please use these lists when completing the ‘current specialist knowledge‘ section on your individual profile.  Also, please make sure you check any jobs you’re interested in on the Opportunities Hub and check here regularly.  This is because if we’re searching for something new, we will add it in both places.  You will then need to update your individual profile with any new skills that apply to you.

Managers – Please use these list when completing your request to fill your vacancy.  Remember that for these, you should select a maximum of 6 but the number you select will also depend on the number of working preferences / competencies you also select:

2 skills = 2 working preferences / competencies

4 skills = 4 working preferences / competencies 

6 skills = 6 working preferences / competencies

You should only tick these if you expect an employee to have this experience / knowledge / skill from day one and where this is absolutely essential.  Please bear in mind that employees may have the ability / competency to learn these skills very well but just might not have yet had the opportunity to apply this in practice so only select those which are essential.


In addition to skills, you will also find a table at the bottom of this page of qualifications in the system.  We will only ask you to provide these if they are ESSENTIAL from day one for all people in post. If someone can be supported to achieve this qualification on the role, we are happy to discuss this with you. 

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