What is CoreHR?

In a nutshell, CoreHR is an online HR and payroll system for processing all HR transactional process and payment of salaries. In addition, employees will be able to access and manage their payslips, personnel information and attendance. Managers will have more access to their team’s information and will be able to manage any contractual changes in a more efficient manner.

What is CoreHR replacing?

With the launch of CoreHR, the following systems will gradually be phased out:

     •   PSe – The payroll system used for processing payments
     •   YourHR – The self service portal used for absence reporting, viewing payslips and P60s,
         annual leave requests, PR&D, H&S reporting and processing all HR transactions

     •   Open Options – The system used in some services for recording time
     •   Eventbrite – The website used for managing ACC employee course attendance

How will this affect me?

The system is currently being rolled out on a phased basis and the impact on different individuals will vary at the different stages.  If you do not have a YourHR account there will be minimal impact on yourself for the time being in that you may only notice a format change in your payslip.  However, if you do have a YourHR account, you will be provided with access to the new CoreHR portal where you will initially be accessing your personnel and pay information.  As we start to expand the features and the rollout of the system, you will see more changes.

What will be rolled out?

The roll out of CoreHR will be done on a phased basis.  The first phase is all about getting the basics in place. As a result, the first phase will focus on the following areas:

     •   Payroll – the processing of all salary payments and production of all types of payslips
     •   People Management – all employee records will be held in the system allowing all transactional changes
         to contracts or personal details to be changed in one place

     •   Time and Absence – this allows attendance information to be captured as well as individuals being
         able to put all types of leave requests.


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