There’s lots of research out there to support the theory that spending time with nature is good for your mental and physical wellbeing.  Whether it’s giving a little time each day to tending the flowers, taking a walk through an open green space or getting involved in growing your own food, there’s lots for you to consider and try. 

If you know of any local green schemes where people can volunteer and get closer to nature, please get in touch so we can post more details about them here.

The Council Gardener 

– great tips on how to improve your gardening skills and knowledge including an interview with Friends of Johnston Gardens Group

Research Articles

Friends of … Groups

Research shows that volunteering is very benficial to improving your emotional wellbeing and a great way to help reduce stress.  There’s many great organisations out there but here’s a few local groups in our very own city parks to help you get in touch with nature.

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