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This CoreHR page will provide you with information and links to guides, videos and answers to help you become familiar with the CoreHR portal. As we begin to roll out all the different features of CoreHR, we will update these CoreHR pages.

Latest News Headlines:

Book Annual Leave for 2020 on CoreHR
Alongside Special Leave and Disability Leave you can now book Annual Leave on CoreHR
Click Here to read more and see FAQ's
The new Appraisal system is here (CR&D)
CR&D (Continuous Review & Development) replaces 'PR&D' and is now available on CoreHR.
Click Here to view CoreHR CR&D guides
Trigger Notifications and a manager’s request form now available
Click Here to read more on this news update

Helpful links to other People Anytime pages:

  • Pay – provides you with information regarding your pay slip, payments and P60


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