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Line managers and supervisors are responsible, so far as is reasonably practicable, for ensuring the health, safety and welfare at work of all directly reporting employees in their respective service. These responsibilities are detailed in the corporate health and safety policy.  In relation to substance misuse these responsibilities also include:

  • Actively seeking to maintain a good level of communication with all employees;
  • Dealing with those who may have a problem with substance misuse empathetically;
  • Ensuring that information relating to an employee’s substance misuse and in relation to the application of this policy is treated confidentially;
  • Encouraging employees to seek counselling and supporting employees in attending counselling by granting appropriate time off;
  • Being aware of the signs of substance misuse (see the accompanying guidance notes to this policy) and the facilities available for employees who may have a problem;
  • Taking an objective and non-judgmental approach when meeting with employees;
  • Informing the appropriate authorities of suspected illegal drug use or any activity or behaviour over which there are concerns as to its legality.


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