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Supporting Carers at ACC

Many people balance caring responsibilities with their employment. For carers, work can be a source of financial stability but may also be important to having a life outside of their caring role. However, undertaking a caring responsibility is often very challenging and stressful and can result in carers having to give up their employment because they are unable to cope with both roles.


The Council has been awarded The Carer Positive, Engaged award.  The Carer Positive award is presented to employers in Scotland who have a working environment where carers are valued and supported.

The Council aims to create a working environment in which carers feel valued and supported to help them continue working for the organisation and at the same time ensuring that operational requirements are met. It is recognised that there are key benefits for the organisation in doing this including reduced absenteeism, higher retention rates and fewer recruitment costs.

You will find attached to this page a guidance document which will help you manage employees who have caring responsibilities.  This guidance provides information and guidance on what support is available to them (internally and externally) and what arrangements you can put in place to support them.  

Supporting Cares in the Workplace Guidance

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