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Managers’ Guidance

When you get a request work flexibly:

1. Grounds for Refusal

  • The burden of additional costs
  • A detrimental effect on the ability to meet customer demand
  • The inability to reorganize work among existing staff or recruit additional staff
  • A detrimental impact on quality or performance
  • Insufficient work being available during the period of employee wants to work
  • Planned organisational change

2. Prioritising Competing Requests

 If a manager receives competing requests for flexible working the following should be taken into consideration when prioritising requests:

  • The business case for each application
  • The impact on service delivery
  • Whether anyone already on a flexible working pattern would be happy to change
  • Whether a compromise is possible

Further information is available here.


Care should be taken not to inadvertently discriminate against particular employees because of their protected characteristics such as where flexible working arrangements would be a reasonable adjustment for a disabled employee.  Further information is available on how to request flexible working ACAS guide.

3. Making the Change

Once the flexible working arrangement has been agreed (which may be following a trial period) you will have to arrange for the necessary changes to the employee’s contract.  Forward a copy of your letter to the employee to People and Organistion.  Depending on what type of flexible working has been agreed you may also need to send other documents such as the Health and Safety Risk Assessmentwritten agreement or home workstation checklist  People and Organistaion will arrange for the revised contractual documents to be sent to the employee and the change will become permanent.

Requests Forms and Letters

Additional Guidance and Links

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