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What is covered under the Equality Act (2010)?

To be considered as having a protected characteristic, a person must belong to a religion that has a clear structure and belief system. Denominations or sects within a religion can be considered a protected religion or religious belief, for instance Protestants and Catholics within Christianity. A philosophical belief must satisfy various criteria, including that it is a belief about a weighty and substantial aspect of human life and behaviour – so, for example, humanism is a philosophical belief. People are also protected from being discriminated against because of lack of religion or belief, so they cannot be treated less favourably because they do not follow a certain religion or have no religion or belief at all.

A philosophical belief, as defined by the Equality Act 2010, is one that does not need to include faith or worship of a God or Gods, but must affect how a person lives their life or perceives the world. Humanism and atheism are examples of philosophical rather than religious beliefs, but adherence to a particular football team would not be covered by this.

Multi-Faith Room

Aberdeen City Council has a Multi-faith Room available daily from 9-5pm in the Town House, 3rd floor, room 3.3. There is no security access to this area or a requirement to report to reception.

Directions – enter from Town House extension, take the lift at reception to the 3rd floor, turn right and go through double door, turn right again and follow the corridor through, it’s the second room on the left.

Please display the door signage available to indicate when room is in use and leave the room tidy and free of personal belongings.

Please note this room is also used as a rest room on Committee days, the room is equipped with a First Aid box and bed in case of emergencies.  If the room is required employees will be asked to vacate for the first aid emergency.



Chaplaincy Service

Aberdeen City Council has a Chaplaincy Service for all employees regardless of faith, religion, belief or non-belief.  To contact the chaplain, please visit their page.



What does this mean for you as a Manager?

Managers should be making their employees aware of the availability of a multi-faith room and of a chaplaincy service.  You should also be aware of our Faith, Religion and Belief (Spirituality) policy attached on this page.


Policy Document

Faith, Religion and Belief (Spirituality) Policy

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