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All employees have a duty to:

  • Co-operate with managers and other employees in dealing with substance misuse issues;
  • Declare at an early stage any substance misuse problem when being managed under any of the Council’s procedures for managing work performance, conduct or attendance;
  • Co-operate with any support and assistance provided by the organisation to address substance misuse;
  • Be responsible for their own behaviour and ensure that, whilst at work, their performance and/or behaviour is not detrimentally affected due to the effects of substances;
  • Inform a manager/supervisor, in confidence, if they have been prescribed medication or are taking ‘over the counter’ drugs which may affect their ability to carry out their work in a safe manner;
  • Be aware of the symptoms of substance misuse and raise any concerns for an individual with their line manager;
  • Attend the occupational health service when required to do so by the Council;
  • Not possess, store, buy or sell controlled drugs on the premises or bring the organisation into disrepute by engaging in such activities outside work;
  • Familarise themselves with this policy and comply with its provisions.

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