Below are some of your frequently asked questions. You may also find the answer to your query in the 'Guides' page via the button above.

Only those with an ACC network login (previously known as the Novell log in) can log into the CoreHR Portal at this point in time. You will be able to log in with the same username (e.g. JBloggs) and password as your usual login for the Council’s network (please note that this might be different from your education login).  If you are not able to log into your PC or then please get in touch with ICT via ServiceNow.  If you can log into your PC but not CoreHR, then please email  If you are on the education network and you would like to reset your password, you will find them in the following guide for logging in Click Here (also found on the CoreHR Guides page)

We have pages dedicated to CR&D where you’ll find CoreHR guides and further information.  Click the links below to view these pages:

If any deductions or payments made appear to be incorrect, please get in touch with or call 01224 523939 and choose option 1.

From May 2019, all payslips will appear in CoreHR.  Any historic payslips prior to May will still be available for a period of time on YourHR for you to view and save.

You can print your payslip from Internet Explorer and other browsers.  However, in order to save your payslip as a PDF, you will need to access your payslip in CoreHR through Google Chrome.  A guide is available via the ‘Guides’ button above.

You can view historical payslips by clicking on your CoreHR Employee Dashboard, click on the Pay Tab and click on the Magnifying Glass.  You will be able to see all your Payslips that are stored in CoreHR.

You can view the step-by-step instructions on this within the ‘View and Update your Pay Information’ guide available via the ‘Guides’ button at the very top of this page.

Aberdeen City Council recognises that making online payslips and/or the electronic P60 available via CoreHR may not meet the personal needs of a small number of employees.

A request to opt out of online payslips and/or the electronic P60 may therefore be made to the Chief Office – Customer Experience.

The provision of online payslips and electronic P60s via CoreHR represents significant costs and efficiency savings to Aberdeen City Council.  Every printed payslip and P60 is an ongoing cost to the authority, therefore appropriate justification must be provided.

Providing payslips and electronic P60 online will meet statutory employment, equalities and PAYE regulations in all but a small number of cases.  Chief Officer – Customer Experience therefore reserves the right to deny any request.  All decisions are final.

Please click here to open PDF version of the opt out form.
Or, please click here to download a Word version of the opt out form.

If the line manager which is displayed in CoreHR is incorrect, please advise your line manager of this.  If the line manager no longer works for the organisation, the reporting will move to the next level of management.  If you are still having difficulties, please contact who can assist you with this.

If you have recently changed your personal details, you will need to update this in CoreHR (if you have access).  If you don’t have access to the portal, please email with the relevant information and they will make the required changes on your behalf.  Please do not make any updates in YourHR since any changes made in YourHR regarding your personal details will not be processed or transferred to CoreHR automatically.  Please view the guide via the ‘Guides’ button above. 

Your portal will display these two dates which may be different.  If you joined ACC after February 2001, the start date under the My Appointments section is the date you joined ACC.  If you started prior to February 2001 then the date under the My Appointments section is the date in which your current payroll number was allocated to you.  The Continuous Service start date under Service Details is your total continuous service (either with ACC or any other qualifying service recognised from working at other local authorities) which is the key date on which the leave entitlement is based on.

You may previously have had access to YourHR and also received a paper payslip.  If you had previously received a paper payslip, you will continue to do so in the meantime despite having a YourHR account.

Sickness Records have transferred over to CoreHR.  As a result, your sickness record should be in CoreHR already.  This can only be closed off by your manager in CoreHR through completing the Return to Work Section. 

Your Special Leave Records currently stored in YourHR have been transferred across to CoreHR and will be available for you to view.  You will not be required to rebook this in CoreHR.

Email notifications are sent when requests are made and when approvals are actioned.  If you are not receiving notifications, this could be due to the fact that your work email address is missing from CoreHR.  If this is the case, please contact who can assist you with this.

On the Manager Dashboard, you will need to go through the ‘View Scheduler’ option to complete these actions.  Please note, you can only do this for members of your team unless you have delegated access to other teams.  Please refer to the user guides on through this link to process sickness record, special leave processing and delegating access to other managers –

If this is the case, please contact who can assist you with this.

Part Day Absences cannot be processed as open ended on CoreHR.  Please apply the following guidance in regards to Part Day Absences:

  1. If an employee goes absent less than half-way through their working day, then this will be classed as a full day absence. 
  2. If it is more than half-way through their shift then the absence is not counted through CoreHR. 

Managers who have delegated access to your teams can process requests on other manager’s behalf. 

Yes, this can be viewed through Manager’s Dashboard under ‘view dashboard’ against the relevant member of your team.  This is covered in the Delegated Access Guide.

Click here to view the Continuous Review and Development (CR&D) Support pages.  You’ll also find guides on how to log in to CoreHR on our CoreHR Guides page.

Click here to access the Annual Leave on CoreHR page which provides you with answers to most of the questions you’ll have.

To view the Booking Leave and also the managers Approving Leave guides, click here.

This page will show you answers to Frequently Asked Questions on CoreHR. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, on the other CoreHR pages or from your manager/colleagues, please submit your question to us by emailing


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