Stage 1 Invite to attendance Review Meeting Letter (Appendix 2)
Stage 1 Supporting Attendance Wellbeing Record (Appendix 3)

Stage 1 Attendance Review Meeting

At the Stage 1 Attendance Review Meeting the manager must discuss with the employee the reason(s) for reaching the absence trigger level and agree an attendance improvement plan. The manager will set a review period during which absence will be monitored and improvements in attendance sought. It is recommended that the review period is no longer than 12 weeks.

Stage 1 Outcome Meeting

At the end of the review period, or at an earlier date if it is evident that the improvement required will not be met, the manager and the employee will meet to discuss attendance during the Stage 1 review period.
There are three potential outcomes to Stage 1;

1. Return to Normal Monitoring
Applies where the required improvement in attendance has been achieved. It should be noted that where an employee is unable to sustain their attendance at any point in the next 12 months, the manager has the option to move the employee back into the procedure at the point at which they left i.e. the end of Stage 1.

2. Extend the review period
It may be applicable to extend the review period where annual leave or special leave has occurred during a Stage 1 review period; where medical information is not immediately available to inform a decision, or where sickness absence has improved but not enough to justify a return to normal monitoring.

3. Progression to Stage 2
Where there has been a further episode(s) of absence or the employee has failed to return to work from a continuous absence during the review period, a caution for unsatisfactory attendance should be issued and the employee moved to Stage 2.

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