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Performance Review Meeting 

The Performance Review meeting is the second stage in the Managing Performance procedure.

An employee will move to Stage 2 if a significant improvement in their standard of work performance was not demonstrated and maintained at Stage 1.

You will invite the employee to their Stage 2 meeting with the below letter:

Invite to Stage 2 letter


1. Preparation for the Meeting

Prior to the meeting, you will ensure that the Performance Improvement Plan compiled at Stage 1 is available and has been fully updated with what occurred during the Stage 1 review period with evidence of any issues. This would include details of what occurred in respect of each weekly review of the employee’s performance.

2. Discussion

At the Stage 2 meeting you will discuss with the employee their performance during the Stage 1 review period. The line manager should:-

  • Express continuing concern over the employee’s work performance following the Stage 1 review period and go over what occurred during the Stage 1 review.
  • Identify what further support, training or other measures could be put in place to assist the employee to improve their performance.
  • Reiterate that it is the employee’s responsibility to perform their job to the required standard and the effect their unsatisfactory work performance is having on the service and how it may be impacting on colleagues and clients.
  • Continue exploring and identifying the reasons behind the continued poor work performance if these have not already been fully identified.
  • Explain the consequences of failing to meet the necessary standards and indicate that further action may be necessary.
  • Indicate that the Performance Improvement Plan will continue to be used at Stage 2.
  • Advise that the counselling service can be contacted if the employee wishes to use that service.

The employee will be given the opportunity to provide a full response in respect of their performance during the Stage 1 review period and explain any steps they have taken to attempt to improve their work performance.  A record of the discussion will be kept by you with this copied to People and Organisation for the employee’s personal file.  Please find below the Record of Stage 2 template:

Record of Stage 2 Template

You will indicate to the employee the steps that have been taken to date to assist and encourage improvement in their performance.  You will confirm to the employee the possible outcomes of the Stage 2 Performance Review meeting.

You will consider the employee’s response before determining which outcome will be followed.

3. Outcome of the Meeting

The 3 possible outcomes following the Performance Review meeting at Stage 2 are:


Outcome 1       Extend Review Period

  • Used in situations where some improvement has been made but some more time is required to improve.  Or, other support mechanisms have been identified and you are willing to try them.


Outcome 2      Proceed to a Capability Hearing

  • Where no improvement has been made and no further support has been identified.


Outcome 3       Commence an investigation under the Managing Discipline policy

  • Where it has been established that the issues are related to conduct as opposed to capability.



You will confirm the decision to the employee in writing.  There is a template letter for this below:

Outcome of Stage 2 letter

Where it is decided to extend the review period, the employee will be informed in the letter of this and given the reason(s) for the extension. At the end of the extended period, you should convene a follow up meeting to decide on how to proceed based on what occurred during the extended review period.

To invite the employee to another Stage 2 meeting, please find below a template letter:

Invite to Stage 2 Review Meeting

The outcomes remain the same as at the above stage.  There is also the provision to return the employee back to normal monitoring if a full improvement is made.

You will need to send an outcome letter to the employee.  Please find below the template letter:

Outcome of Stage 2 review letter

Where normal monitoring resumes but the employee’s performance returns to an unsatisfactory level at any point during the following 12 months, the manger has the option to move the employee back in to the formal procedure at the same stage that they left it.

4. Moving to Stage 3

If you are moving the employee to Stage 3 of the procedure, you will need to complete a Capability Report and submit this to your Chief Officer or Service Manager.  The template for this can be found below:

Capability Report Template

The report will include:

  • A summary of the employee’s performance record
  • The completed up-to-date Performance Improvement Plan
  • A record of meetings held  with the employee including the employee’s responses and what happened at Stages 1 and 2 of the procedure
  • Details of the measures taken to help the employee improve their performance

The Chief Officer or Service Manager will appoint a Chair for the capability hearing and will request support from People and Organisation.

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