A delegated authority business case will be required when you are considering one, or a combination, of the following business requirements:

  • Establishing a new post
  • Redesigning an existing post
  • Disestablishing an existing post
  • Changing the job title of an existing post
  • Grade change of an existing post
  • Restructuring a team/service

If you have identified a need for one of the above the flowchart, templates and resources detailed below will support you through what to do next.

The Job Evaluation (JE) decision tree will also help to inform any JE requirements arising from your business proposals and where in the JE process a business case is required; or alternatively a grade change form only.

You can discuss your requirements with a People and OD Advisor for further guidance on the process and they will be able to help you to fully consider the potential staffing implications of your proposals.  Likewise including your Finance contact in discussions is critical at an early stage, to ensure financial control will be sustained throughout.

It is important to involve affected staff and key stakeholders throughout the process, including to gather initial feedback to help shape your proposals. Once you have a draft business case you will require to formally consult on your proposals. This is normally for a 10 working day period as detailed in the flowchart. Your Advisor will advise if any alternative timescale is required, and the Consultation Protocol and associated documents will provide you with further guidance on how to carry out meaningful consultation.

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