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Fresh Focus on Mental Health at ACC

Mentally Healthy Wokplaces eLearning course now available.  Just log in to OIL and find it under Health, Safety and Wellbeing\Wellbeing\Mentally Healthy Workplaces (Parts 1 & 2)

Financial Health Checks are delivered by the Citizens Advice Network in Scotland and backed by the Scottish Government. It aims to motivate low income families to seek financial advice to maximise their income by ensuring that they are not paying more for essential goods and services than they need to and that they are getting all the benefits, grants and exemptions (council tax, energy) to which they are entitled.  It also allows them to access support and impartial advice where they need to e.g. debt advice, switching energy supplier etc.  

The initiative is available to anyone who wants it but there are certain target groups who are encouraged in particular to contact service. These include:

  • Lone parent families
  • Families which include a disabled adult or child
  • Larger families
  • Minority ethnic families
  • Families with a child under one year old
  • Families where the mother is under 25 years of age
  • Older people and those approaching retirement age

    National Financial Health Checks Helpline 08000857145

    For further information please click here

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