Couch to 5K

Would you like to improve your health and fitness? Interested in taking up jogging or running? Couch to 5K may be the answer!

Employee Good Health Group

Jogging and running is great for your physical and mental health, it keeps you fit and is a great form of stress relief. Whether you are new to jogging or have run before, Couch to 5K will provide a structured programme of exercise to help you work up to a 5Km distance over the course of 9 weeks. The programme includes a mix of walking and jogging to help get you to 5Km and you can go at your own pace. Couch to 5K can be downloaded as a series of podcasts or as an app for your smartphone.  

Click on the link below to access Couch to 5K 

Local Running Groups

There are lots of running groups across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, catering for all running abilities. Many of them offer ‘beginners’ groups where you can take part with other people of a similar ability. To find a running group in your local area click on the links below:

Parkrun is a 5km run which takes place every week in Aberdeen and Ellon. Taking place at the Beach Esplanade, Hazlehead Park and Ellon, there’s usually a lot of runners taking part and they meet up for a coffee afterwards! To register for Parkrun click on the link below.

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