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The Council operates an Appeals Sub Committee to hear appeals made in accordance with the Council’s People and Organisation Policies and Procedures.

The Sub Committee will determine appeals by:

  • individual employees 
  • industrial dispute(s) raised by a recognised Trade Union of the Council, in accordance with the Council’s Dispute Resolution Procedure. 

Click here to view the full Appeals Sub Committee Procedure for full details of the process and timescales for individual appeals and Trade Unions appeals.


Composition and Training of Appeals Sub Committee

  • The Appeals Sub Committee will comprise 5 members drawn from the pool of membership of the Staff Governance Committee.
  • The quorum shall be 3 members.
  • The Clerk to the Sub Committee will select the five elected members from the pool having regard to availability and will seek to secure one Member per Political Group.
  • The Convenor of the Appeals Sub Committee will be the Convenor of the Staff Governance Committee or, if unavailable, appointed at the start of the hearing for the purposes of the individual appeal.
  • All members in the pool of the Appeals Sub Committee shall be required to undertake training prior to hearing an appeal and to undertake refresher training annually.

Forms – Industrial Dispute raised by Trade Union

Form 1 – Blank – Trade Union

Form 2 – Blank – Trade Union

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