Welcome to the People Development section. We as a team are about bringing a wealth of learning to the organisation so that you can develop the knowledge and skills you need to successfully do your job. This page provides you with an overview of what we offer as a team and how you can work with us. 

Corporate Development

A core aspect of our role is to provide corporate development opportunities that is available and applicable to all staff. Our Learning Academy hosts a suite of learning resources delivered in a variety of different ways to suit different learning requirements.

CPD / Cluster Training

With the training budgets centralised, the responsibility for costing out all essential training across the organisation lies with our team. On an annual basis, a member of the team will consult with clusters to map out training requirements, building up a picture of training needs across the Organisation. Once agreed, purchase orders need to be raised for the purchasing of the required training. Click on the star above to see the process visually and the steps involved.

Continuous Review and Development (CR&D)

CR&D is about individuals having ongoing conversations with their managers regarding their work and development. We play a key part in providing learning to support the workforce with setting good quality objectives and having meaningful conversations.

How you can work with us to create learning

As a team, we work with different subject matter experts to create corporate learning materials which can be hosted on our ACCLearn platform or delivered as a workshop. If you have identified a learning gap, please get in touch with ourselves by emailing

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