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Members of the teachers’ scheme are allowed to reduce their working commitment (i.e. hours) whilst releasing a proportion of their pension benefits in the lead up to full retirement.

1. Eligibility

The conditions of Phased Retirement are set by the pension scheme itself and in summary are:

The applying teacher must:

  • Be aged 55 or over (but cannot be older than 75 when they apply)
  • Have been in pensionable employment on or after 1 April 2007                 

In addition:

  • The maximum amount of total retirement benefits a member is permitted to take is 75%
  • There must be a reduction of at least 20% of the member’s pensionable salary
  • The reduction in pensionable pay must apply for at least 12 months.

A member may apply for Phased Retirement on three occasions before applying for their final retirement benefits, twice before age 60 and once when 60 or over, or three times when 60 or over. The benefits the member chooses to take will be Actuarially Reduced if they are applying before their Normal Pension Age (NPA). With each application for Phased Retirement there must be a 20% reduction of the member’s pensionable salary prior to their application and at least 25% of their total benefits must remain in the scheme.

The Council has sole discretion whether or not to approve applications for phased retirement. The procedure for applying for phased retirement is detailed below.

2. Procedure

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