Aberdeen City Council is transforming. If you’ve just joined the council – or if you’re a manager and have recently recruited a new team member – then there’s a lot to learn! Even if you’ve worked for the council for many years, it’s likely that many of the changes taking place will be new to you.

So where to start…? 

Online Learning (ACC Learn)

We have a suite of mandatory training available which all employees need to undertake when they join the organisation.  To access the various online learning modules, including the Mandatory training, go to our People Anytime page for ‘ACC Learn’ which is our online learning platform.  Once you’re logged on to ACC Learn look for the “Mandatory” training section.

Learn through our Learning Academy

New employees are required to attend our corporate induction event called ‘Welcome to the Council of the Future’. This is presented by the People Development team and a member of our senior leadership team. This is also highly recommended for existing staff who want to learn more about our new council! 

If you have recently recruited a new team member, find out about your role in making the most of your new start’s first few days and weeks.  Click here to download the ‘Getting Started Checklist’ (new start checklist).

New and existing managers are required to undertake our four-part core management training programme.

To learn more about the transformation programme, visit transformationzoneblog.com and find out how we’re building the council of the future.

All employees are encouraged to find out more about their council through Service Insights. There are a variety of opportunities available.

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