Age Positive Employer Champion

Aberdeen City Council is an Age Positive Employer Champion due to its dedication to the prevention of age discrimination in the workplace.  Aberdeen City Council does not have age restrictions on recruitment (except the legal age of employment), is non-discriminatory with training scheme or apprenticeships and offers a variety of flexible options with regards to working and retirement.


Developing the Young Workforce

In our endeavour to have an age diverse workforce, Aberdeen City Council actively participates and arranges activities to promote and develop our future workforce.  We visit local schools to discuss what it is like working at Aberdeen City Council and offer workshops on application and interview skills.  We encourage Services and Teams to get involved in this work.  If this is something you would like to be involved in, please contact HR.



It is important to note that the organisation does not have a compulsory retirement age.  However, should an employee ask you about their retirement options, further information for you can be found on the Retirement pages.


What does this mean for you as a Manager?

It means that when recruiting or retaining employees, you need to be aware that nobody is too young or too old to do a particular job.  It is only important that somebody has the correct knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the role. Should you have any concern about someone’s physical or mental ability to do undertake the duties of a particular role, you should be consulting with occupational health.

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