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Although the Council’s policy is to avoid redundancies occurring wherever possible, the needs of the organisation may from time to time require a reduction in the overall number of staff we employ or organisational changes that result in some employees facing redundancy, and there may be occasions where compulsory redundancies are unavoidable.

Where redundancies require to be considered, the Council will ensure that:

  • The total number of redundancies made are kept to a minimum
  • Employees and their trade union representatives are fully consulted on any proposals
  • Selection for redundancy is based on clear criteria that will be objectively and fairly applied
  • Every effort is made to redeploy employees whose employment is at risk on redundancy grounds
  • Other alternatives are considered to mitigate the risk of redundancies

This procedure applies to all permanent employees of Aberdeen City Council, including teachers and chief officers.

Click here for the Managing Redundancy Policy.

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