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Early Intervention

Every effort should be made to resolve an initial complaint of bullying and harassment informally and timeously.  However, his will not always be possible.

Dealing with a Complaint Informally

Where an individual considers he/she is being bullied or harassed, they would be expected to consider attempting to resolve the matter informally in the first instance unless this is inappropriate or the complaint of bullying or harassment is of a more serious nature.

Raising the Issue with the Accused

The complainant may feel confident enough to inform the accused employee in person to indicate that their behaviour is unacceptable and outline the detrimental impact it is having on them and to request that such behaviour should cease immediately.

Alternatively, if the complainant considers the above approach too difficult then they may consider asking another person to act on their behalf. This could be a colleague, manager or trade union representative.

Some individuals may not feel comfortable with their complaint being mentioned to the accused employee at all. In such situations, the employee should be offered support and encouragement to engage with the process so that the matter can be looked into.

It is in the interests of all parties that issues are resolved as quickly as possible (within 2 weeks).

The manager will keep those involved informed of progress and advised of the reason for any delays if it is not possible to conclude the informal stage within this timescale.

At the informal stage there is no requirement for anything to be put in writing except that the outcome will be confirmed in writing where a manager has had involvement in addressing the issue. There is a letter to the complainant and a letter to the accused.  Please find the template for these below:

Informal Stage Outcome Letter – Accused

Informal Stage Outcome Letter – Complainant


Mediation may help to resolve the matter informally and individuals can request this through their manager (or next more senior manager if the matter concerns their manager). This can be arranged through People and Organisation. The mediator is an independent person who can help people to find a solution that they can both agree to. Seeking mediation does not formalise the process. It can only take place where it is entered into voluntarily by both parties.

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