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Managers’ Guidance

If some form of flexible working is being considered then here are some of the things you will need to think about:

The Job

  • Is the job itself suited to flexible working?
  • If not, could it be changed in some way to make it suited?
  • What are the implications for service delivery?
  • What are the implications for other employees?
  • Would some form of training for the employees be needed?


  • How will communication be organised?
  • How often will the employee come into the office (eg for team meetings, one-to-ones, office based duties)?

Health and Safety

  • What are the health, safety and wellbeing implications?
  • How can you ensure that health and safety requirements are met?
  • How will Display Screen Equipment tests be carried out?
  • Are there any implications due to lone working?

The Employee

  • Is the employee able to work with limited supervision?
  • Are they able to work on their own initiative?
  • Are they self-motivated to meet deadlines and manage their workload?
  • Is the employee able to cope with the potential isolation associated with some forms of flexible working?


  • What resources will be needed?
  • What other costs are associated with the proposed flexible working option?
  • What savings could be expected?
  • Are resources available from other sources (e.g. Access to Work for disabled employees)?
  • Will the costs outweigh the expected benefit?

Confidentiality and Security

  • Does the employee need access to any personal data or otherwise confidential information?
  • How will the security of information be assured?
  • Are Lone Working Policy arrangements applicable?

Trial Periods

  • Would a trial period help you and the employee to decide whether the arrangement is going to work for you?

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