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Use the menu above to navigate around the resources you need to use CR&D successfully.  On this page you’ll find the latest CR&D news headlines, how to navigate these CR&D pages, key dates and a brief overview if you’re new to CR&D.

News Headlines:

Finding what you need on these CR&D pages:

Using the menu above:

  • CoreHR – Links to log into CoreHR and also a link to take you to the CoreHR pages for additional guidance on the system.
  • All about CR&D and Best Practice – On the page you’ll find basic and also detailed explanations of CR&D, the steps you need to take, and other useful ‘best practice’ advice.
  • Guides – The ‘Guidance Documents’ option will take you to the written guides on using CR&D in the CoreHR system.  For those who prefer listening and watching, the ‘Video Guides’ page is there to help.
  • FAQ’s – If you have a question, the chances are someone’s already asked us, so have a look for the answer here.  Or, you can submit a new question if you can’t find the answer on these pages or from your manager/colleagues.
  • News Updates – Here you’ll find the latest and older CR&D news posts.
  • Useful Links – These take you to non-CR&D pages that have information related to CR&D (Capability Framework, Learning Academy etc).

Key Dates:

  • 23/06/2021 – From this date you will be able to add your Objectives to the new CR&D cycle
  • 01/03/2022 – All CR&D’s must be finalised (signed off) by you and your manager before 1st March 2022.

CR&D Overview:

If you’re new to CR&D or just want to remind yourself of the basics, here is a short overview.  In short, CR&D is the name for what you might know as an appraisal…but it’s much much more and it’s a continuous process that you and your manager will use throughout the year.

  • CR&D focuses on continuous improvement and feedback through ongoing one-to-ones and communication between line manager and team members throughout the year.
  • It is built around the Capability Framework and a self-assessment so that we can understand what knowledge, skills and behaviours are needed for our roles and put in place any necessary  development by updating a development plan
  • You and your manager will be able to set objectives for yourself at any time of the year, long or short and update this at any time.
  • We use the Council’s HR system ‘CoreHR‘ to record and view all this information.
  • If you are not at the top of your salary grade, then CR&D is used to assess eligibility for salary increments.

To see how the CR&D Cycle works, click on the image below:

Want to know more?  Visit the ‘All about CR&D and best practice’ page.

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