What do I need to do now?

Most people start a new job feeling excited, motivated and perhaps a little apprehensive of the unknown. And as with all first impressions, what they experience over their first few days can have a lasting impact on how they feel about the organisation, their level of engagement, performance and even how long they stay. So making sure your new employee feels welcome and knows what to do and where to go – is not just a nice thing to do, there’s a sound business case for doing it well!

    What do you think about some of these things our staff have said about their induction experience…?

    So, what do you want your new employee to be saying? 

    As a line manager, you play the most important role in a new team member’s induction experience. You’ll need to make sure your new employee understands…

    So how can you make sure your new team member has the best possible experience?

    Here are 3 things you can start doing now:

    The New Employee Journey will help you understand what happens from the moment a new employee is recruited – and the role you play to make sure they feel welcome and clear about the different steps in joining the council. 

    Sign up your new employee for the Corporate Induction using Eventbrite.

    How will you get your new employee up-to-speed with the skills and knowledge they need to do their job? How will you make sure they understand the teams you need to work with, or how their role fits into the wider business of a council?

    Visit Getting to Know Your Council  and the Training and Development pages to see what might be useful, then discuss this with the new team member as part of their induction and through regular one-to-one meetings. 

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