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Change to Recruitment Advertising Authorisation Process:

As you may already be aware, a decision was reached at the Urgent Business Committee on 6 May 2020 which will impact on all future recruitment to vacancies. 

Following consideration of a report to the Urgent Business Committee (UBC), members approved a motion which contained the following: 

“To agree to limit external recruitment of employees only to critical posts where there was a clear and pressing need for resources relating to the COVID-19 response or public health and protection and the resources cannot be found either from temporary or permanent internal movement. 

Any permanent internal or external recruitment should only be undertaken in consultation with the Convener of the City Growth and Resources Committee and should only be undertaken where the post would not be impacted by ongoing future redesign, and that the relevant Committee be provided with service updates regarding any permanent recruitment that had been undertaken.” 

What does this mean in practice?

In practice, this means that where you have a vacancy, please consider the decision outlined above and only where you believe that it fits with this criteria, and you have the agreement of your Chief Officer, should you submit a ‘request to recruit’ form.  This will be considered by Isla Newcombe, Chief Officer – OD and Jonathan Belford, Chief Officer – Finance and submitted to Councillor Lumsden, Convener of the City Growth and Resources Committee for final approval.  Service Updates will be provided by the People & Organisation team. 

If you wish to discuss your individual resourcing needs, either on a temporary or longer term basis, please contact the Talent Team at talent@aberdeencity.gov.uk who will be able to advise you on options to consider in light of this decision.

All requests to fill vacancies, extend fixed-term contracts or secondments will require detailed justification and be considered prior to approval to proceed

Request to Recruit / Fill Vacancy

This includes filling roles on a permanent or fixed-term basis, including secondments.  For temporary movement of staff in response to a crisis or emergency, please view the relevant pages here.

Please note, prior to requesting to fill a new job (i.e. one that no-one has done before and is new to the organisation), it must be fully established via business case and evaluated using our job evaluation scheme.  If you think this applies to your role, please see the organisation design pages here

All requests to recruit must be completed using the online form via the button above, these will be reviewed and considered for the re.cr.uit scheme.  In circumstances where the manager is unsuccessful in filling the post through re.cr.uit an Advisor from the Talent team will contact you to discuss how to progress your vacancy.

This form should also be used for requests to advertise Secondments.  For any vacancies less than 6 months please contact Talent@aberdeencity.gov.uk to discuss further.

To assist in completing the request to recruit, you MUST use the working preferences list and the skills list, which can be found via the buttons below.  You should also familiarise yourself with the recruitment and selection guidance and other information on our main recruitment, talent and opportunities page.  

Please note, the Talent Team may discuss these further with you to ensure appropriateness and consistency.,

Extend Duration of Contracts/Posts (for fixed-term / secondments)

This includes extension to secondments and fixed-term posts and requests to make fixed-term posts permanent.

Click on this button to submit an online form to request an extension to a fixed-term post.  This form can also be used to submit a request for a fixed-term post to be made permanent.

Higher Graded Duties

A Higher Graded Duties form must be completed for all new Higher Graded Duty requests and extensions.  These requests will be considered for approval by the Chief Officer – People and Organisation.
Please click
here to view the Higher Graded Duties flowchart.


All you need to do is fill in the online form above ‘Request to Recruit’ and it will be automatically submitted for consideration to the Talent team in People and Organisation.

An Advisor from the Talent team in People and Organisation will be in touch to discuss your vacancy / vacant hours and the available options.

An online form will need to be submitted for consideration.  Please use the form available on this page ‘Extend Duration of Contracts/Posts’. An Advisor from the Talent team will be able to advise you further.(Ext. 3438).

 Links to associated guides/forms:

Recruitment and Selection Guidance 

  • Increase / Decrease employee’s working hours / contracted weeks (formerly called ‘Workforce Change Form’)  Click Here
  • Establish new posts / Disestablish existing posts / Redesign or restructuring a team/service (establishment changes) Click Here
  • Learn about the re.cr.uit scheme (internal movement of staff) Click Here


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