Supporting your mental health in today’s challenging environment

Mind have created three Wellness Action Plans Guides for employees, line managers and for those working from home, with a handy template to help you start your plan.

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Case Study:

I don’t have a mental health problem but I think wellbeing and mental health shouldn’t be something we only talk about when we get ill so, when my manager in my new job told me about the WAP and suggested I fill one in, I thought it would be a good opportunity to think about what makes me stressed at work and what helps me to perform well and be productive. As part of my WAP, I identified that a few things cause me stress – for example, not being kept informed of developments in the organisation that could affect me, a chaotic office environment, and people not being supportive or approachable. Having set these out, I then considered ways they could be alleviated, such as scheduling regular catch ups with my manager to get updates on organisational developments, making sure I factored in time to get away from my desk and out of the office and ensuring that my manager and I had time to reflect on what was working and what wasn’t working. My team seemed to be quite open about wellbeing so I chose to share my WAP not only with my manager but with the team too, so that colleagues were aware of any triggers or preferences I have in terms of how I work and the type of environment that keeps me well. Being given the opportunity to fill out a  WAP when I was a new starter made me realise how valued my health and wellbeing were by my manager and organisation as a whole and gave me confidence, especially in dealing with potentially difficult situations.

Guide for employees:

Guide for line managers:

Working from home:

Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAPs)

This paperwork is an abbreviated version of WRAP and is adapted from the ‘Wellness and
recovery action plan’, by Mary Ellen Copeland.

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