1. To help improve the team decision-making process by making teams more aware of potential issues.
  2. To discuss, understand and develop good decision-making procedures and skills.
  3. To analyse how well the team makes decisions.


60 minutes

Materials Required

One copy of the “Team Decision Making Checklist” per team member.



  1. There are a number of issues that commonly occur within teams; the checklist gathers these issues into 10 categories and suggests a number of questions that can be raised to both diagnose underlying problems and for improving future performance.
  2. Identify an important issue that was recently decided upon in the team or one which you are facing now. (You should reach consensus on the problem but it is prudent for the activity leader to have identified one in advance in case the team members do not come up with a relevant issue.
  3. The activity leader issues the checklist of questions to individual team members.
  4. Individual team members, or the team as a whole, should read the checklist and answer the questions to gain a better understanding of how well your team makes decisions.


  1. How many of these decision-making issues has your team neglected in the past?
  2. Would decisions be better addressed if these steps were followed?

What do you think of this? Have you tried this activity? Add your ideas to make it better below.

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