1. To identify the team’s key stakeholders.
  2. To help team members get a better understanding of the point of view of the team’s key stakeholders, and how these stakeholders could help the team.
  3. To create a plan to develop a positive relationship with the team’s stakeholders.


60 minutes

Materials Required

A copy of the building bridges handout for each team member.

Flip charts and marker pens.


  1. The activity leader discusses the importance of positive relationships with stakeholders.
  2. Use brainstorming to generate a list of key stakeholders. (See APPENDIX 1)
  3. Remind the team of the rules of brainstorming – to generate as many ideas as possible without criticism by anyone. Run the brainstorming session for as long as you can generate new ideas.
  4. After the team has finished brainstorming distribute building bridges handout to the team.
  5. Divide the team into smaller groups and ask these groups to complete the handout for the key stakeholders.
  6. After 30 minutes the team is to prepare a flip chart and present back to the rest of the team.


  1. Did the team members get a better understanding of who the key stakeholders are and how they could help the team?
  2. Do you spend enough time cultivating the most important stakeholders? (You must measure importance according to the impact they can have on your project and not simply their status)
  3. What are the specific things we need to do after the meeting?
  4. Who is the most appropriate person to take responsibility for this?
  5. When should the team get back together to review progress?

What do you think of this? Have you tried this activity? Add your ideas to make it better below.

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