1. To determine real problem areas in a team or an organisation.


30 Minutes

Materials Required

Post-it notes or wall cards.


  1. Prior to the meeting give every team member a wall card or large Post-it and ask them to write in felt pen in large letters their Wish answering the following question: “If I could change anything about the team’s mission/goal or way of working or about the way team members interact with each other I would….”
  2. Encourage team members to be open, honest and imaginative and then return the card to the activity leader without their name on it. You may like to set up a special “in tray” so that the wishes can be deposited there anonymously.
  3. The activity leader will stick the cards on the wall and facilitate a discussion and action plan during the meeting.


  1. What do people want to change about their roles?
  2. What could be done to make your job better?
  3. What prevents you or the team from making the changes?
  4. What might be the potential gains from these changes?
  5. Which wishes can come true and what would the team need to do about it?

What do you think of this? Have you tried this activity? Add your ideas to make it better below.

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