You will be entitled to one week of maternity and adoption support leave and you may also qualify for one week of ordinary paternity leave.

This guidance applies to employees who are:

  • in the case of births, the biological father or civil partner or partner (partner means a person of either sex who lives with the mother in an enduring family relationship but is not her parent, grandparent, sibling, uncle or aunt) or nominated carer of the expectant mother
  • in the case of adoptions, the spouse or civil partner or partner (of either sex) or the nominated carer of the primary adopter
  • in the case of surrogacy arrangements, the spouse or partner of the parental order surrogacy parent.

To view details of what you need to know about Paternity/Support Leave, including Eligibility, Notification and Leave Entitlements, click Paternity Support Leave Information

Please see the Paternity/Support Guidance for full details of the whole process.

Paternity Forms

Notification of Intnetion to take Paternity Support Leave

Application for Paternity Support Leave

Paternity Letters

Letter – Notification of Paternity Support Leave Teachers

Letter – Receipt of Application for Paternity Support Teachers

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