This page will guide employees and managers through the organisation and management of paternity/support leave.

Please see the Paternity/Support Guidance for the full process.


The buttons below enable you to click into key information as you need it and also provides links to relevant forms and additional sources of information. 

Paternity/Support Leave Information   Paternity/Support Leave FAQ's   Paternity/Support Leave Information for Managers

Other Useful Information 

Paternity Pay

Maternity and Adoption Support Leave is paid at normal full pay.

Ordinary Paternity Leave will be paid at the Statutory Paternity Pay rate.

Click here to see the qualifying criteria.

Time off for ante-natal appointments

You are entitled to either paid or unpaid time off (depending whether birth, adoption or surrogacy) work to attend antenatal appointments regardless of your length of service or hours of work.  Click Paternity Support Ante Natal Appointments for further details in relation to pregnancy/birth and adoption/surrogacy.

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