1. To reflect on what is important and how the team should change its behaviours and/or tasks.
  2. To re-set team goals.


45 minutes 

Materials Required

Four different coloured sets of wall cards (at least 5 of each colour for each team member), masking tape and pens.

For this exercise you will need a large empty wall.


  1. This exercise can be done separately for a number of “task” characteristics or “climate” characteristics separately, or if you like you can do it generally for all aspects of team work.
  2. On one card of each colour write “stop” “start” “do more” and “do less” respectively and stick those on the wall with plenty of room (2 meters) between each.
  3. Divide the team into subgroups of 4-6 team members. Give each team a pile of cards of each colour. Ask the team to come up with as many ideas of what the team should start doing, stop doing, do more of or do less of and write that is big letters on the appropriate coloured card.  This is a kind of brainstorming, so no idea should be rejected. You may like to specify whether they should concentrate on task, climate or give a free reign.
  4. Once the team is ready, the cards are stuck to the wall under each grouping.
  5. Gather around the wall and look at the proposals. These can be clustered into groups.
  6. Map out an action plan for the coming months on changes to the way the team works.
  7. Keep a record and revisit the list periodically.


  1. Identify trends. Try to separate the urgent and important.
  2. If the exercise was not restricted to task or climate, what seems to predominate?

What do you think of this? Have you tried this activity? Add your ideas to make it better below.

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