This page will provide you with short practical guides to help you carry out CR&D on the CoreHR portal, with separate guides for managers.  For video guides click on the menu above and ‘Video Guides’ is under the ‘Guides’ menu option.  If you are looking for
an understanding of CR&D and what to do when, click on the ‘All about CR&D and Best Practice’ menu option above.

Guide Title

What will you learn?

Guides for all staff

Guides for managers

Getting started with CR&D in CoreHR

This short guide helps you to get started and find your way to the CR&D section in CoreHR

Step 1 – Objectives and progress review

How to add and manage your CR&D objectives in CoreHR

Step 2 – Capability Framework

How to access the CR&D Capability Framework sections in CoreHR (this covers both the ‘Knowledge & Skills’ section and the ‘Behaviours’ section

Step 3 – Development Plan

How to access and complete the Development Plan section of CR&D in CoreHR

Finalising CR&D’s

Upddated guide available soon

How to close off your CR&D.  This must be done before 1st March each year as this may delay any salary increment due in April. 

How to structure 1:1 meetings
(also on the ‘All about CR&D..’ page)

An interactive guide for managers on how to structure 1:1 meetings with staff (incl. hints & tips)

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