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24/07/2020 – We’ve listened to your feedback, so please note, new updated guidance/information is coming in the next few weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled!

No. That has been replaced by the new Team Assessment against the Capability Framework. But it might come back again in future years depending on employee feedback! So let us know in the ‘Submit your Questions’ button if you’d like to see this come back – and why. 

The secondment agreement will include who is responsible for carrying out CR&D.

There are a number of scenarios which could arise here:

  • Scenario 1: same job / same manager – although each job will have a CR&D only one will need to be completed in full; the others will need to be signed off  by March 2021 with a note that the detail is covered in another post
  • Scenario 2: same job/ different managers – each manager will only be able to access the post they line manage you for; agree with your managers which one will sign off the CR&D; as with scenario 1, complete one fully and close the other off with a note that the detail is covered in another post
  • Scenario 3 – different jobs/ different managers – complete a CR&D for both posts adding in the different objectives that apply to each post; if the capability framework levels are identical for both you will only need to undertake this once. Agree, which post you would do this for. Only the line manager for that post will have visibility of your scores. If the levels are different, undertake your assessment against the higher level.
  • Scenario 4 – one post/ managers job share – in this case, only one of your managers will be able to access this. In that case agree which one you will be having regular catch ups with.
  • Although CR&D is employee-led and managed by the employee the manager can ask for the rating to be amended following discussion if they disagree with the employee’s assessment; if the employee and manager are unable to resolve their difference through discussion and believe that the disagreement is serious enough to need resolution this should be escalated to the manager’s manager. This is not done on CoreHR but through normal channels
  • Staff can currently add up to 14 Milestones. If you add any more than this they won’t all be visible. 
  • If you want us to change the manager for CR&D purposes, please email with your details and who the manager should be changed to. Please copy in your line manager to the email requesting the change. We will then process this change for you.
  • It is worth nothing that In CoreHR, there are 2 team dashboards. One which is  for managing your team’s annual leave, sickness, any alternative working arrangements due to Covid etc, and the other specifically for CR&D.  We can only make changes to your manager for CR&D dashboard. If your line manager is wrong in the other dashboard then you will need to contact ASK HR.
  •  In the CR&D dashboard it is only possible for one manager to manage the CR&D for an employee whereas in the main team dashboard, it is possible to have more than one manager approving an employees leave. 
  •  No. In the CR&D dashboard it is only possible for one manager to manage the CR&D for an employee. 


When you log into CoreHR you should select CR&D, click on the blue View All button, then where it says Current appraisals you can click on the dropdown arrow and select All appraisals and you will be able to view last years there.

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