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People & Organisational Development are currently engaging with frontline colleagues from across Aberdeen City Council, to understand the challenges they can experience with our appraisal system, CR&D, and to co-create a new approach.

To build on the feedback being gathered, all colleagues are invited to take part in a short online survey. Please take a few minutes to reflect and share your thoughts to help shape the refresh

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We are excited to tell you that, following the upgrade to CoreHR in May, the new CR&D Cycle is now available on CoreHR and runs until 1 March 2022. You can now input your 2021/22 objectives and update your Capability Framework self-assessment.
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The CR&D cycle for 2021/22 is now available on CoreHR
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Continuous Review & Development (CR&D) for 2021-2022 – coming soon
You might have noticed that the CR&D Cycle for 2021/22 has not appeared on CoreHR yet.

Following a major upgrade to CoreHR in May, the People Development team are now building the new CR&D Cycle for 2021/22 which will be available on CoreHR towards the end of June. 

In the meantime, continue to have regular check-in conversations with your manager, agree and update your objectives for the year ahead, and start to think about what professional development may be useful. When the cycle is launched on CoreHR, you can then enter these into the system 

Look out for further communication in the coming weeks letting you know when the new cycle is available, alongside updated CR&D guidance for 2021/22. 

Please note: This is not applicable to Frontline/Operational staff who we are working with separately to find a solution to how they complete CR&D for the next cycle.  

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Thanks to your feedback, the People Development team have made a few changes to the system to make it easier for all to complete allowing time for what is really important, and that is the meaningful conversation. Here is what we have changed:

You said…

What’s new…

“There are too many ‘clicks’ to the process on CoreHR”

The approval button has been removed. So now when you enter objectives, your manager no longer needs to approve it! Instead you just need to have a conversation with your manager at your 1 to 1 to discuss how this fits your role.

“The self-assessment of the Capability Framework is too long and time-consuming to complete”

The Capability Framework has been reformatted and now the indicators are grouped under 15 skillsets. 

“Sign off and rating process is too complicated”

We’ve simplified the rating process and how to sign off.



So, what happens now?

Get started by logging to CoreHR  and then:

  • Look back at your old capability framework – you do not need to update your old capability framework, this is for reference only. Update your new capability framework which is structured against the 15 Skill sets. What’s changed? How have you improved your ratings since you first completed the assessment?
  • Add your objectives. It’s likely that a lot has changed since lockdown: priorities will have changed, some projects or tasks may be paused or stopped completely. Make sure you’re updating your objectives to reflect that, so that when it comes to the final rating you’re being assessed against what could reasonably have been expected of you.
  • Update your development plan. Have you undertaken the development specified last time? Do you have any new things to add?
  • If you’ve not had one in a while, book in your next catch up conversation with your line manager. Catch ups are a great opportunity to talk about your objectives and reflect on how your knowledge, skills and behaviours are measuring up against the Guiding Principles, measured through the Capability Framework.

Continuous Review and Development (CR&D) is here which replaces the former appraisal system/process PR&D which was previously completed via YourHR

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