Idea generation phase:

  • Limited time session
  • No idea is silly
  • One person’s crazy idea leads to another’s inspiration
  • Listen actively
  • Keep an open mind
  • Don’t judge
  • Build upon other people’s ideas
  • Think about what was just said…look for slightly different positions
  • Think about what was just said…look for opposite positions
  • Use genuine inquiry for clarification…no false inquiry

Idea selection phase:

  • As a group, identify the top group, 3-5 of ideas
  • First discuss possibilities, then select individually
  • This may be by distributing votes by using markers or Post-its to each selection
  • Often people can be given 5 – 10 votes each to distribute between their favourites – they can give all 5 to one idea or spread it between several. 
  • Look at the team rankings
  • List the top items and then discuss them as a team

Action planning phase:

  • Decide upon the priority items, and put together an action plan which prioritises actions over time
  • Decide who is responsible for each action
  • Action phase

Review phase:

  • Set up a review meeting

What do you think of this? Have you tried this activity? Add your ideas to make it better below.

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