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The Childcare Scheme is no longer open due to changes made by the Government in October 2018. Employee’s who wish to find out more about joining a Childcare Scheme would need to look into the Government’s scheme, Tax-Free Childcare (TFCC).

Employees who would like to find out more about Tusker (Car Leasing) must have a permanent contract. To find out more about available vehicles please contact Tusker on Tel: 0333 400 7431 or Email: EET@tuskerdirect.com (to access Tusker portal use code: ABCC)

Cycle to Work Scheme is still available to employee’s with a minimum contract of 18 months. To apply for the scheme head to https://aberdeencitycouncil.salarydeductplatform.com

Find out more about the Bus To Work schemes available to employees here!

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If you have any feedback regarding the employee benefits on offer to you – please get in touch via email to accmybenefits@aberdeencity.gov.uk


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