Recruitment and Retention Incentive Payments

Recruitment and Retention Incentive Payments are used by schools to attract appropriate candidates to teaching posts when it has proven difficult to recruit to the sector, subject area or school itself.

This page will be of interest to you if

  • You are a manager in a school who is finding it difficult to recruit to a teaching vacancy
  • You are a recruiting manager in a school who is concerned that you will not get appropriate candidates applying for your teaching vacancy
  • You are a Teacher in receipt of R&RI payments
  • You are the manager of a Teacher in receipt of R&RI payments


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When should R&RI payments be used?

They should only be offered if one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • It has not been possible to recruit to your vacancy through a number of recruitment cycles
  • The vacancy is in a subject that has been identified as hard to fill
  • There are no other options available in terms of resourcing
  • There is a risk to the school not being appropriately staffed
  • There is a risk that the school will not be able to comply with class size maxima as per SNCT terms and conditions

Can internal members of staff get the payment if they move schools?

Not normally.  The purpose behind the scheme is to attract talented Teachers to Aberdeen City.  However, if a Teacher moves to a post that has been deemed hard to fill, the Education Service in consultation with HR, may apply the payment.

How much is the payment?

The payment, in total, is £5000 paid in instalments. The first £3000 is paid on commencement of employment.  The remaining £2000 is paid on completion of 3 years’ satisfactory service.

What are the conditions?

Those in receipt of the payment must remain employed by Aberdeen City Council for three years and must have ‘satisfactory service’. Unsatisfactory service is when, within the first 3 years of employment, an employee is managed under formal competence, conduct or capability processes, the remaining £2000 will not be paid to them.

What if the employee leaves before the 3 years have been completed?

The employee will have to pay back part of the payment given to them. The schedule for pay back is as follows:

Less than 6 months’ service = 100%

6 – 12 months’ service = 75%

13 – 24 months’ service = 50%

25 – 36 months’ service = 25%

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