The Council is committed to adopting modern, efficient, flexible and fair recruitment and selection practices in order to appoint the best possible people who will help ensure high quality service delivery to customers.

Effective recruitment and selection depends upon identifying and selecting individuals with the appropriate level of skills, knowledge and behaviours and those who will readily identify with the aims and objectives of the Council while making a positive and valuable contribution towards them.  This in turn will help to improve the staff and customer experience and the use of resources.

The recruitment and selection process also offers an opportunity to promote the Council as an employer of choice.  Recruiting managers should aim to enhance the Council’s reputation by maintaining a professional approach throughout the process.

Core Principles

  • Ensuring efficiency by planning recruitment and selection activity in advance and communicating clearly and timeously with all individuals involved in the process.
  • Ensuring effectiveness by planning workforce needs in advance; by training managers in recruitment and selection; by ensuring all necessary checks are undertaken to ensure an individual is suitable to be employed for the role and has the right to live and work in the UK.
  • Ensuring fairness by complying with all equalities legislation, assessing individuals according to their knowledge, skills and behaviours and, in meeting the requirements of the post, appointing on merit alone.
  • Ensuring that the Council is promoted as an employer of choice.
  • Ensuring that Services can achieve high standards in recruitment and selection and meet their Safer Recruitment responsibilities.

Managers are responsible for the recruitment decisions they make and it is therefore vital that these are carefully considered.  Following best practice, as outlined in the guidance will ensure that the Council employs people with the cultural and technical fit needed to be both successful in their role and the organisation.

Download a copy of the Managing Recruitment and Selection Guidance for Managers.

Key documents

Recruiting Teaching Staff documents


The Relocation policy applies to eligible new employees who have to relocate to the Aberdeen area to take up their appointment.  It is designed to help ensure that the Council has an adequate supply of employees at all levels of the organisation.  The policy only applies to specific posts as pre-determined by the appropriate Directorate in conjunction with the HR Service.  Please note that the maximum amount which may be claimed under the policy is £8,000, excluding VAT.

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