Due to the unusual circumstances that we are all working in at present – Payroll are now accepting electronically scanned or word doc time sheets.

 The late submission of claim forms or time sheets will result in them not being processed and paid until the following month.

Please be aware of the following to ensure no delay in processing and payment:

  • All claim forms should include your payroll (employee) number.   If you don’t do this, the form will be returned to you or your line manager to complete and resubmit.   This will delay processing.
  • All claim forms must be authorised. Unauthorised claim forms will be returned to you for authorising and resubmission.
  • All claim forms must be fully and accurately completed prior to submission. The person authorising the claim form should ensure all details on the claim form are correct before submission.
  • Proper authorisation is required. If you cannot get the time sheets signed by yourself and your authorised signatory, then input your name and forward via email through to the appropriate authorised signatory. The authorised signatory should then forward onto BusinessSupportTeam4@aberdeencity.gov.uk  advising that they have approved the time sheet for payment.

Payroll will only accept time sheets from the authorised signatory, not the claimant.

Please do not send the originals claim sheet in via the postal mail or resend the email as this will result in a potential overpayment.
The deadlines detailed below are for January to November.
For December, communication is sent directly to Functions/Clusters advising of December deadlines.
Click on the form/time sheet to take you directly to it and any additional guidance.
Claim form / Time sheetMonthly deadline for submission to Payroll
Casual Workers Monthly Timesheet5th of the month
Variable Hours Monthly Timesheet5th of the month

Overtime and Additional Hours Claim Form

Overtime Claim Guidance

Overtime Payment for Employees with Multiple EP&M Contracts Guidance

10th of the month

Overtime and Additional Hours Claim Form Craft Workers

Overtime Claim Guidance

10th of the month

Standby and Disturbance Claim Form

Standby and Disturbance Claim Guidance

10th of the month
Travel and Subsistance Claim Form

5th of the month

 Supply/Additional Hours Claim Teachers             5th of the month

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