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Did you know that a third of all journeys in Aberdeen are less than a mile. There are lots of ways to make your daily travel healthier, happier and more environmentally friendly. How could you make your daily commute more active? 

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  • Travelling by bus is a great way to get about without having to worry about parking or getting stuck in traffic. 
  • It’s easy to be more active when travelling by bus, simply getting to and from the bus stop counts towards your daily activity. You could also get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way.
  • Travel between the bus stop and your destination is a great way to get some air and give yourself time to think. Good for the body and the mind!   


  • Cycling is a great way to travel and exercise at the same time. Cycling can help reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease and is good for your mental health. It’s also an environmentally friendly form of transport.
  • You can find a range of local cycle route maps around Aberdeen at Aberdeen City Cycle Maps  
  • Always make sure you are safe when cycling. For information on cycling road safety Sustrans Road Safety
  • For more information on cycling please visit the Sustrans website
  • Please note – Cycling is undertaken at your own risk.


  • It’s easy to jump in the car and go, but getting stuck in traffic on your daily commute can be frustrating and stressful. Not to mention the pollution caused by car exhaust fumes.
  • One way to change this could be to car share with a friend, colleague or family member. This can cut down on the number of single occupancy cars on the road, cut down on traffic jams and the pollution. This can help you save money by sharing fuel costs. ACC has a car share scheme, to find out more about it go to Car Share
  • An easy way to be more active when travelling by car is by parking somewhere which still requires a small walk to get to your destination, such as parking at the far end of the car park.


  • With a third of all journeys in Aberdeen being less than a mile, why not save money by walking the shorter trips. You could walk to your next appointment, include walking as part of your daily commute or get out for a short walk at lunch time.
  • To plan walking routes between workplaces you can use Walk It, a walking website which can map out the best route for your journey. It can also tell you the distance and approximate duration of the walk and estimate how many calories you will burn.
  • Walking is great for your health and can help reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease. Being outdoors is good for your mental health and can be a good form of stress relief, giving you space to breathe. 
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