Table Tennis

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Owing to the popularity of the Ping Pong Pilots, a table tennis kit (pack containing net, 2 bats and 3 balls) has been provided in the following meeting rooms for use outside core hours. The meeting rooms must only be used when they are not required for meetings.

Below is a list of all the meeting rooms with table tennis sets available and contact names for each of the rooms.

Kittybrewster Depot

Training Room 1 – Keith Michie

Marischal College

RmMC-LG-W-01 – Graham Souter

RmMC-1-N-01 – Paul Toseland

RmMC-2-S-01 – Lee Taylor (or Facilities Team)

RmMC-3-S-02 – Aileen Morrison

RmMC-4-W-02 – Bruce Findlater

Spring Garden

Meeting Room – Andrew Diansangu

Please click on this link to take you to the Table Tennis Guidelines.  Hard copies of these are available in each of the rooms.

Have fun, enjoy and act responsibly!

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