Phase 1 – Fill the Head Teacher post

Whilst the structure in the new school will change, the post of Head Teacher, in terms of the role and areas of responsibility and accountability, will normally be unchanged.  The existing incumbent, having a full “claim” on the role, will therefore be directly matched to the post, unless there is a significant change to the composition of the school resulting from restructuring in which case the post will open to competition and advertised nation-wide.

For Head Teachers who are not directly matched to the new Head Teacher post, there are the following options:

Option 1 – Apply for the new Head Teacher post within the new schools

Option 2 – Apply for early retirement (where they qualify for premature retirement compensation) or voluntary severance

Option 3 – Make an application under Regulation 5(3) of The Parental Involvement in Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher Appointments (Scotland) Regulations 20017 to be considered for redeployment to a vacant Head Teacher or Depute Head Teacher post in another school or request redeployment to an alternative post below Depute Head Teacher in another school (or within new school if a suitable vacancy exists).  

Phase 3 – Fill all other jobs below Head Teacher level

  1. Publish the structure of the new school and invite matching claims.  Do this by notifying employee in writing of the school structure with an invitation to confirm (using a matching form) the job against which they consider they should be matched by virtue of their current role (please note that acting up or secondment arrangements cannot be used as a basis for matching).  If there are no changes to the school structure at main grade teaching staff level, then staff at that level will not need to go through the matching process.
  2. Identify matching pools after an assessment of matching claim forms. Employees will either be identified as having a “direct match” to a post (more or less all the elements of the new job are the same as the existing on) or as having a “significant link” (where a substantial portion of current duties match those of the new job). 
  3. Notify employees of the provisional decisions.  Employees will either be “directly matched” (where there enough posts for people in that matching pool) or will be “ring fenced” (where there are more posts than people in that matching pool or where the employee has a significant link).  In cases of ring fences where there are more people than posts, there will be a competitive selection process to decide who should be matched.  Regardless of number of people to post, those with a “significant link” will still undergo an interview to assess whether they meet the job criteria. 
  4. Employees should lodge any appeals against matching decisions within 7 days with the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Operating Officer will hear the appeal within 10 working days of receiving notice of the appeal. 
  5. Consult Trade Unions.  Unions must be provided, in writing, a list of all matching pools and who will be directly matched or ring fenced. The letter will also provide details of any employees who do not qualify for matching to a job in the new structure and how it is intended their employment situation will be addressed.  The consultation period will normally be 10 working days. 
  6. Confirm matching decisions. Letters should be issued to the employees to confirming matching decisions.  These must be deferred if they could be affected by appeals processes. 
  7. Deal with unmatched employees.  Please see options below:

For unmatched teachers (main grade, Principal Teacher / Faculty Head and Depute Head Teacher), there are the following options:

Option 1 – Permanent relocation to a post within the same grade as the post previously held.  This only applies to posts at main grade and Principal Teacher level.  Depute Head Teachers can be redeployed subject to Regulation 5(3) of The Parental Involvement in Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher Appointments (Scotland) Regulations 2007.

Option 2 – Temporary relocation to another post for an agreed period of time with the intention of redeployment or appointment into a permanent vacancy.

Option 3 – Apply for early retirement (where they qualify for premature retirement compensation) or voluntary severance. 

Phase 4 – Fill Remaining Vacancies 

Teachers who remain displaced will be placed on a corporate “Excess Staffing List” and given first consideration for any remaining unpromoted and promoted vacancies (up to an including Principal Teacher level). Relocation may be subject to an assessment interview in order to establish whether a teacher meets the job criteria and be subject to a competitive interview if more than one employee is under consideration for a job.  The terms of the Policy on Compulsory Transfer of Teaching Staff will apply where appropriate.

All remaining vacancies will be advertised nation-wide. 

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