School rationalisation (involving a school closure and the creation of a new school) or the development of a new school structure will inevitably have an impact on jobs and people.  With an ongoing need to maintain consistently high quality and continuous improvement in education services, there is a need to effect as smooth a transition as possible during such organisational change with the minimum disruption to education provision.  At the same time, the Council has an obligation under employment protection legislation, and with its aim of being a “good employer”, to protect employees’ security of employment.  The process of job matching helps to achieve these aims. 

This protocol is designed to establish a fair and consistent approach to school rationalisation and restructuring across the Council.  

You will find two sub-pages, one specifically for the process of job matching as a result of school rationalisation and one specifically for the process of job matching as a result of school restructuring

The differences are:

School Rationalisation

This results in at least two school closures and the creation of an entirely new school, even though that school may be located within the premises of a school that existed pre-rationalisation.  Staff from all schools closed as a result of the rationalisation process have equal status and an equal opportunity to be matched to a job in the structure of the newly created school.  

Please note that school rationalisation may result in the closure of a school with the dispersal of its pupils to other existing schools, with no new school being created.  In these circumstances, job matching does not apply and the teachers from the closed school will be declared excess and subject to the Policy on Compulsory Transfer of Teaching Staff


School Restructuring 

This results from a need to modernise a staffing structure within an existing school in order to provide the highest quality learning environment.  Only staff from that school will have the opportunity to claim a match to jobs in the new school structure. 


Protocol Document

Job Matching Protocol in Schools 

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