This Framework on Teacher Competence (FTC) replaces the Code of Practice on Teacher
Competence issued by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC Scotland) in September 2002 and comes into effect on 2 April 2012.

The FTC takes into account the legislative changes brought about by the Public Services Reform (General Teaching Council for Scotland) Order 2011, with particular reference to GTC Scotland’s duty to make sure  those who are registered meet the standard of professional competence expected of a registered teacher and are fit to teach. Having attained the Standard for Full Registration (SFR) a registered teacher must maintain that standard of professional
competence throughout his/her career. Accordingly, the FTC should be read and used in
conjunction with the current SFR which is the standard of professional competence expected by GTC Scotland of fully registered teachers. Both of these documents should be an integral part of the employer processes in the management of any teacher competence issue arising.

Purpose and Scope
In regard to the process for dealing with short-lived and long-running under-performance, the
purpose of the FTC is to:

  • set out and explain the practical steps involved;
  • affirm the central role of the SFR in this process and as the baseline professional standard for
    teacher competence;
  • encourage good and consistent practice amongst all employers;
  • encourage parties to operate within procedural timescales which are efficient and reasonable,
    taking into account all the circumstances and complexities of the individual case, as well as the
    public interest;
  • ensure fairness to the registered teacher and also ensure a quality educational experience for
    children, pupils and learners in our schools.

The FTC applies only to fully registered teachers as there are different and separate provisions to manage under-performance of provisionally registered teachers. It should be noted that where the alleged under-performance relates to administrative/managerial duties of a promoted teacher, similar procedures may be applied but always in the knowledge that GTC Scotland procedures and Fitness to Teach Panel outcomes can only relate to teaching competence and not to administrative/managerial competence.

For the full framework please see here.

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